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Research Projects

Metrology research projects in which the Institute acts as participant, workpackage leader, or coordinator

The Institute is also involved in several international scientific research programmes.

Current Metrology Research Projects

EMPIR PRISM-eBT: Primary standards and traceable measurement methods for x-ray emitting electronic brachytherapy devices, from june 2019 - benefits from a 6 months extension to compensate for the delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak

19NET03 SupportBSS: Support for a European Metrology Network on reliable radiation protection regulation, from June 2020

19NET04 MIRA : Support for a European Metrology Network on the medical use of ionising radiation, from June 2020

19ENV01 TraceRadon: Radon metrology for use in climate change observation and radiation protection at the environmental level, from July 2020

Past Metrology Research Projects

EMPIR RTNORM: kQ factors in modern beam radiotherapy applications to update IAEA TRS-398. ENEA-INMRI coordinates this JRP consortium. Ended October 2019.

EMPIR MRTDosimetry: Metrology for clinical implementation of dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy. Ended May 2019.

EMRP MetroDecom: Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities. Ended in 2017.

EMRP MetroERM: Metrology for radiological early warning networks in Europe, 2014-2017

EMRP MetroNorm: Metrology for Processing Materials with High Natural Radioactivity, 2013-2016

EMRP BioQuaRT: Biologically Weighted Quantities in Radiation Therapy, 2012-2015

The aim of JRP SIB06 BIOQUART is to develop measurement and simulation techniques for determining the physical properties of ionising particle track structure on different length scales, and to investigate at the cellular level how these track structure characteristics correlate with the biological effects of radiation. The relevant length scales range from about 2 nm (diameter of the DNA double helix) to about 10 µm (diameter of the cell nucleus). [Read more]

EMRP MetroMRT: Metrology for Molecular Radiotherapy, 2012-2015

EMRP MetrExtRT: Metrology for radiotherapy using complex radiation fields, 2012-2015

EMRP Metrofission: Metrology for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants, 2012-2015

EMRP MetroMetal: Ionising Radiation Metrology for the Metallurgical Industry,  2012-2014

EMRP Metro RWM: Metrology for Radioactive Waste management,  2011-2014

HORIZON 2020 TAWARA-RTM: Tap Water Radioactivity Real Time Monitor, 2013-2016

iMERA-Plus Brachytherapy: Increasing Cancer Treatment Efficacy using 3D Brachytherapy 2009-2011

iMERA-Plus External Beam Cancer Therapy: External Beam Cancer Therapy 2009-2011