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Metrology in Italy

Metrology in Italy, ACCREDIA, Secondary Standards Laboratories in Italy

For all physical quantities of interest other than those of ionizing radiation, you are kindly invited to visit the webpages of INRiM, the Italian National Institute of Metrology Research located in Turin, in the Piedmont Region of Italy.

The ACCREDIA LAT calibration laboratories operate nationwide and have been accredited to their purposes through the technical and administrative support of ENEA-INMRI, acting as primary metrology laboratory.

The technical and administrative support of ENEA-INMRI toward the accreditation of the ACCREDIA LAT centers is provided in compliance with international criteria that underpin the mutual recognition agreement, MRA.

To this end, ENEA-INMRI and the LAT Centers, based on the accreditation procedures, must operate within the framework of Quality Management under national and international norms (UNI CEI EN 45000 and ISO IEC Series 17025-2005).

Both the calibration and the classification of the measurements assemblies in the context of ionizing radiation is carried out either at the ENEA-INMRI, directly, or via the accredited centers recognized by ACCREDIA.  The institute hosts an ACCREDIA technical executive:

Dr. Maria Pia Toni

Istituto Nazionale di Metrologia delle Radiazioni Ionizzanti
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