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Users of the Services provided by the Italian Institue for Metrology of Ionizing Radiation

The set of activities of the Institute is essential for the reliability of the measurements of ionizing radiation made in the Country, with an emphasis on the implementation of Quality Assurance in:

  • Radiotherapy and medical diagnostics;
  • Radiation protection of the environment, in the hospital, and in industry;
  • Treatment, sterilization, and diagnosis of materials using ionizing radiation;

There is a large, and increasing, national demand of services in the area mentioned above, also a response of the recent EU regulations in this area.

Several national subjects regularly need calibration and certification services of provided by ENEA-INMRI and include:

  • Radiotherapy centres in hospitals;
  • Regional Reference Centres (CRR) and ARPA agencies of each Italian Region;
  • Monitoring Organisms such as ISPRA
  • Public Safety Organisms, and Defense;
  • Industries which use o produced radioisotopes or instruments to measure ionizing radiation;
  • Universities and Research Centres;
  • National Secondary Standard Laboratories (in Industries and in Public Institutes) accredited via the technical support of the Institute to satisfy, at the local level, each request of calibration.